Gardena - Bluetooth irrigation controller

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Gardena - Bluetooth irrigation controller

Article number: 64480

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  • The Gardena Watering Control Bluetooth controls the water supply in the garden and thus ensures watering of the plants as needed
  • Watering times can be conveniently set and adjusted as desired via Gardena Bluetooth app on smartphone or tablet, from a distance of up to 10 m from the device
  • Three different watering schedules are possible, where time, duration and days of the week can be set
  • All set watering durations can be conveniently reduced centrally or watering can be paused for several days
  • Status LEDs provide information about Bluetooth connection, battery status and watering
  • Irrigation control always works reliably due to "Safe Stop" technology: If the energy level of the battery is too low to completely control a watering process, it will not be started at all
  • "Water Now" function: if watering is ever to be started immediately, it can be activated manually on the device or in the app without changing any settings
  • Can be used with Gardena soil moisture sensor