Gardena - Watering Control Set "smart Sensor Control"

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Gardena - Watering Control Set "smart Sensor Control"

Article number: 64483

Categories: Irrigation','Garden and balcony irrigation

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  • The Gardena smart Sensor Control Set, consisting of smart Water Control, smart Gateway and smart Sensor, automatically controls the water supply in the garden and thus ensures flexible and demand-oriented water management
  • The watering times can be conveniently set via the Gardena smart app
  • Based on the measured values for soil temperature and soil moisture, which the smart sensor determines via the extra large sensor zone in the garden, the settings of the irrigation control can also be optimally adapted to the ambient conditions and adjusted at any time from anywhere, via app
  • The smart gateway provides central networking. It can be placed inconspicuously in the living area and establishes an Internet connection via an existing router. As the heart of the smart system, it takes over the wireless network communication between all Gardena smart system devices and the smart app
  • The smart Sensor Control Set is ready for immediate use with the smart Gateway, the smart Water Control and the smart Sensor and can be expanded at any time with additional Gardena smart system devices
  • The set is ideal for automatic watering with the Gardena Micro-Drip system or the Gardena sprinkler system
  • Dimensions: approx. 224 x 163 x 249 mm (LxWxH)