Gardena - Irrigation Control Set "smart Irrigation Control Sensor"

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Gardena - Irrigation Control Set "smart Irrigation Control Sensor"

Article number: 64484

Categories: Irrigation','Garden and balcony irrigation

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  • With the Gardena smart Irrigation Control, up to 6 independent irrigation zones can be flexibly controlled via the Gardena smart app, for example in the Gardena Micro-Drip system or the sprinkler system
  • Up to 6 irrigation valves can be connected 24 V
  • Individual watering intervals can be controlled even if the water requirements of individual planting areas vary
  • In conjunction with one Gardena smart sensor per watering zone, unnecessary watering is avoided
  • The Gardena smart Sensor reliably measures the soil temperature and determines the soil moisture via an extra large sensor zone exactly where it is important, at the root of the plants. This ensures that plants are watered efficiently and in line with their needs
  • The Gardena smart Irrigation Control can also be used to control alternative water sources, e.g. rainwater cisterns
  • The Gardena smart Irrigation Control is splash-proof and therefore suitable for outdoor installation
  • Central networking is provided by the smart gateway, which establishes an Internet connection via an existing router. Thus, as the heart of the smart system, it takes over the wireless network communication between all Gardena smart system devices in the garden and the Gardena smart app
  • Dimensions: approx. 261 x 123 x 264 mm (LxWxH)