Gardena - textile hose set "Liano" 10 m with tap connector for indoor faucets

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Gardena - textile hose set "Liano" 10 m with tap connector for indoor faucets

Article number: 64489

Categories: Irrigation','Irrigation accessories

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  • The Gardena textile hose Liano, with highly durable fabric, is particularly comfortable to use and extremely flexible. This makes it easy to maneuver around the terrace and balcony without kinking and twisting
  • The hose can withstand the highest loads and is pressure resistant up to 35 bar
  • The strong textile fabric ensures a firm connection between the hose and the original Gardena system parts
  • Its light weight makes it particularly easy to store, for example, also for hose carts and reels
  • The innovative UV and frost resistance guarantees long durability (with a 30-year warranty)
  • The textile hose Liano set 10 m is complete with hose connector, water stop and irrigation sprayer
  • Also included is a Gardena tap connector for indoor faucets. This allows to connect the original Gardena system to faucets in the kitchen or bathroom. The tap connector fits many modern faucets with the included adapters. It is easy to attach by means of a slider. In the thread adapter is included bead jet insert, so it can easily remain on the faucet (with 5-year warranty)