Ankerkraut - Grill set 6 spices

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Ankerkraut - Grill set 6 spices

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Categories: Gourmet','Seasoning

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  • The following spices are included in this set:
  • Magic Dust (95 g): The most famous and certainly most popular marinade in the world, balanced, spicy and slightly peppery. Perfect for chicken and pork. Simply rub meat with a little vegetable oil and a good portion of spice and leave to stand for at least 4 hours
  • Patatas Bravas (90 g): The Patatas Bravas spice preparation is very easy to use, simply stir into curd or low-fat curd to taste, add a little mayonnaise if necessary
  • 9 Pepper Symphony (75 g): Top Seller - Exotic Pepper Mix. Without salt or sugar
  • Steakpfeffer Hamburg (85 g): Perfect pepper for freshly grilled or roasted meat, but also tastes good in salads and many other dishes.
  • Herb butter mix (70 g): Mix a herb butter for yourself. Simply add the herb butter spice to room-warm butter and mix in. Tastes great e.g. on rump steak
  • Seasoning salt (145 g): "Allstar" salt, goes with almost anything, not just grilled meat. Try it as salt for cooking goulash or in soup