Since 31.07.2009, K+S employees have been able to select valuable material premiums for realised suggestions for improvement by clicking on the company portal. CIP teamwork and employee suggestions enjoy a high priority for K+S with regard to economic efficiency, a good communication culture and the recognition of employee commitment.



K+S sees itself as an independent supplier of mineral products focused on the customer for the Agriculture, Industry, Consumers and Communities sectors and wants to increase EBITDA to € 3 billion by 2030. More than 14,000 employees help farmers secure the world's food supply, offer solutions that keep industries running, enrich consumers' daily lives and ensure safety in winter. The ever-increasing demand for mineral products is served by production facilities in Europe, North and South America and a global distribution network.


Since 2004, K+S has used idea management as a management tool as well as the dynamic CIP team process. Employees are involved in shaping their own work processes. K+S describes its own employees as its best management consultants. This attitude guarantees a good communication culture within the company, self-fulfilment and recognition of employees as well as a high level of process efficiency. Cooperation and communication between managers and employees is sustainably promoted through idea management. K+S was looking for a suitable tool in order to reward its employees in a sustainable manner for ideas that have been put into practice and to motivate them for further suggestions for improvement. By cooperating with IPOs, K+S promised itself an additional incentive to positively influence both the soft factors mentioned above as well as profitability through an attractive bonus shop. The administrative effort should be kept as low as possible.

Since 2009, the K+S idea management software has been extended to include a link to the IPO's bonus shop. The intelligent integration of the idea management software with the bonus shop ensures a secure and effective solution. The realized ideas are rewarded with points that can be saved across all ideas. The points collected can be exchanged for attractive rewards at any time. The entire administrative process relating to non-cash bonuses is handled via the IPO, thus ensuring low administrative costs for K+S. Access to the bonus shop is via the portal (intranet) of the K+S Group. Every employee has access to the portal, which enables them to reach the bonus shop conveniently outside the workplace, especially as only every fourth employee has access to a PC at all.



Right from the start, the IPO's premium shop has been very well received. Already in the first year, 60 percent of all bonus points were exchanged for non-cash bonuses. The share is rising steadily and will amount to around 78 percent in 2017. The bonus shop offers an optimum incentive for employees to participate actively in the K+S improvement process. The attractive rewards store, with more than 6,000 brand premiums, motivates employees above all through its price-performance ratio compared with stationary retail. Through the reminder effect, through the bonuses, positive long-term experiences are associated with K+S and its idea management as an employer.


"From our point of view, we have thus created an all-round successful solution for the benefit of our employees. We regard the cooperation with target software solution and IPO-PS as a very successful partnership."

Project Manager, Mr. Martin Koller
K+S Aktiengesellschaft