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Premium brochure-kit

Unique: Your premium brochure

Simply design your brochure yourself! For this purpose download the order form (PDF) kit here. The process is quite simple:

Order form

1. Choose your title image

2. Choose your background colour

Farbe 1

Farbe 2

Farbe 3

Farbe 4

Farbe 5

Farbe 6

Farbe 7

Farbe 8

Farbe 9

Farbe 10

Farbe 12

Farbe 11

Farbe 13

Farbe 14

Farbe 15

Farbe 16

3. Choose a price category and compose your 22 brochure articles

  • Either by individual article selection from our price list or from our subscription shop
  • Or unchanged in any sequence from the basic brochure

4. Upon request you receive a free online shop window for every brochure, from which more rewards may be ordered


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