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PRODIS, reward shop & points management

The integral solution for your reward program

Our software serves as incentive system to selectively adress your target group and motivate it. The focus is on increase in sales, information acquisition and communication. You do not need your own hardware, only internet access is required.



PRODIS® is the marketing software that displays your goals, customers and budgets and centrally manages and controls all services and modules. In doing so, PRODIS® is fully integrated into your company-CI and software.


Reward shop

With the reward shop, you offer a wide and attractive product selection to your target group. Completely connected to your CI and to your system, the reward shop includes more than 6.000 rewards, latest novelties as well as best prices.

From the reward selection as well as order to an own account until to Track and Trace, the reward shop offers all functions to inspire the customers.




Points management

The points management is docked to the leading system. (PRODIS® or Shop) It is the basis for all recognitions and debits within the incentive programs and sales promotion. It creates an easy and transparent overview in Frontend and a complete history in Backend. Furthermore, the points management enables a modular management of actions and can work with additional payment, various expirings of points and turns of the year as well as yearly program changes.

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