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PRODIS - portal technology for a modern customer management

PRODIS® - portal technique for modern customer management

PRODIS® is the marketing software that displays your goals, customers and budgets and centrally manages and controls all services and modules.

What is PRODIS®?

PRODIS® offers the opportunity to collect points for sales, products or compatible values for a connected reward shop. These points work as currency to additionally reward the target group(s), no matter if it is your employees or customers, and can be exchanged for highly attractive rewards in the connected rewards shop. Hereby the point values and conversion formulars are individually defined according to your needs.

PRODIS® serves the communication and performance of campaigns also with multi-level sales. Multiple hierarchy levels and a individually determinable permissions control allow passing on obtained points via team or single accounts to employees, partners or third parties. This means that not only direct customers, but also their customers may be involved in the marketing concept.

PRODIS® is the tool for a successful sales management.



What PRODIS® stands for

PRODIS® stands for flexible, individual and stable portals. The modular system allows different features such as management of potential customers, competition rankings, campaigns, message or email events and much more, combined to an individual portal. Standard interfaces ensure smooth flow of data as well as solutions that are specifically adapted to your ERP/ CRM systems. In doing so PRODIS® copes with all import formats. The target group and industry are no issue primarily.

Added value of PRODIS®

PRODIS® offers the solution, matching your budget and targets. Specific communication and incentivising with, for example, event-driven emailing allow a purposeful control of your target group.

You keep your eyes set firmly on your goals, attainment and budget via various evaluations and reports.


PRODIS® at a glance


Rewards shop

the basis for an appealing, large and daily updated range of rewards


Points and voucher management

IPO GmbH is the bank for your points.


User administration

multistage hierarchy level, company accounts and individual accounts


Data import module

sales, points, vouchers, contracts


Data export module

transaction data (e.g. sales, Log-Ins, points), rewards, mailing interface


Campaign module

event-driven campaign integration for products, target groups and much more


Master area

you keep the control and get the knowledge at first hand: all evaluations can be exported into Excel or transferred to your systems via an interface.


CMS functionality

IPO GmbH offers the possibility to expand the system by further sites, new layouts, actions and much more at all times.


Registration and Login module

password functions, safety certificates and different complexities for password policy



the module compares the performances of individual persons/companies on the basis of different hierarchy levels



currently available in more than 15 languages, including shipping to various countries



delivery of (HTML) e-mails: event-driven, time-related or by the master account



module for delivery of intern messages


Rights management

currently up to 11 rights groups – different access rights in frontend and backend


Status systems

bronze, silver, gold: different point calculations or reward selection


Voucher management

management of voucher codes through IPO or adoption of customer’s tickets

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