Therefore material premiums

Money Premiums are OUT

It has been proven that a reward with money only leads to a short-term increase in motivation. The amount flows into the household budget and is usually saved up. It is not regarded as a reward, but is equated with the normal wage. The emotional bond as well as the connection to the rewarded performance and to the company are missing.

Material premiums are IN

Scientific studies have shown that material awards and experiences best express praise, recognition and appreciation for good performance. These rewards with higher emotional value lead to sustainable performance and purchase motivation as well as strong employee and customer loyalty. We help you to achieve your goals with our special incentive programs..

For your incentive program you can fall back on approx. 6,500 brand premiums (the largest portfolio of non-cash premiums in Germany). You are also welcome to compile your own premium catalogue from it. We are happy to help you with the creation. Please contact us.

No. Although you choose the rewards you want in your program, you only pay those that you distribute to your customers or employees, i.e. those that are actually shipped. We guarantee the availability without you having to take a risk.

As a full-service premium service provider, we take care of everything from premium research, premium purchasing, storage, inclusion in the premium shop, shipping with Track and Trace, after-sales service through to warranty processing and creation of participant conditions.

We are there for you between Monday and Friday from 8-18 o'clock and take care of every matter. We offer warranty/complaint service, order processing, track and trace of packages, individual evaluations as well as first and second level support. What can we do for you?

You are interested in our incentive program? Great, then you have already taken the first step towards success. In the next step, we discuss your needs together and create a concept tailored to your needs. Together, we select the premiums you want and that suit your target group. Now that we have adapted our Prodis® system to your needs, you're ready to go.